Inspired by the eastern philosophy of bliss and inner-reflection, especially for the benefit of others. The journey of ZenShanti begun in 2015 by an ex-Googler, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug.

ZenShanti started with a small-home/office run setup in Mumbai, focusing on bringing a niche selection of high quality products that we loved, and got a few more for fellow enthusiasts and collectors. Now based out of Pune, with a view of the hills. sound of birds, and gush of fresh air – yep, that’s where you will work 🙂

At the heart of ZenShanti, we are committed to bring thoughtfully curated products for the first time to India. We source products from UK, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and more.

We are obsessed by bringing our customers joy! We do this through the products they’d love. Bringing smiles on faces, from Kutch to Nagaland and Kanyakumari to Kashmir, our customers span across the country, and all walks of life, from ex-armed forces personnel to housewives, and gourmet chefs to students.

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